The Group which takes care of the animation of children and young of Casa della Tenerezza is born together with our Center and its name is a pun: literally  means “Soul-in-action” whilst the Italian word for animation is “animazione”.

Our community has decided to create this team because of the willing to become an “home” for all families by involving children.

The participation of children has to represent a resource, thus their animation supplements the courses proposed to their parents.

There is no a real tenderness without giving the proper attention and welcome to the little ones. Moreover, a Church who becomes “mother” by looking after the little ones, is the best witness of that tender solicitude: this community principle allow couples to devote some time to themselves.

From the experience in the field and through the main contents of the tenderness spirituality, “Anima-in Azione” is about to publish a guiding book for the discovery of God’s tenderness. The biblical itinerary includes thoughts, prayers, games and activities and wants to propose a little tenderness school for children and their parents or for parish groups.

Waiting for you and your children, we send you a little thought of M. Quoist: “I love children, God says. I want you resemble them… I live inside them and I bring me to the window their spirit. Every time you are in front of  a sheer gaze of a child, I smile upon you through the matter“. (M.  Quoist, “Io amo i bambini-I love children”, in Preghiere, Marietti, Casale Monferrato 1980).

Have a good path!