In each colored region there is a local group.

Pages of each group are in progress.

The community lauds and blesses God-Infinite Tenderness because local groups are growing on the roots of Casa della Tenerezzza. They focus on living the tenderness spirituality so as to become live experience of  God’s Tenderness in both individuals and couple life.


Groups  stem communing with “ Casa della Tenerezza’s vocation and charisma, and they aim to realize a path of  faith, educational growth, sharing and apostolic dedication at the service of local Church.



Groups follow drafted texts  from Casa della Tenerezza choosing one or two of them as tracks every year.



Each group is composed of a limited number of couples or individuals, in order to promote a personalisation of the itinerary, the mutual exchange and a brotherly friendship.

Working methods considers three basic phases:

  • praying Word of God in a faithful and meditative climate, together with readings, songs and spontaneous invocations by favoring the Name of Jesus’s prayer;
  • presentation of the topic by a couple or an individual in order to deeply consider the spiritual-theological point of view introducing a personal or couple’s interiorization;
  • sharing to contextualize the topic,telling personal background to grow in a reciprocal communion.



Each group aims to a gradualness with regard to an increasing maturity:

  • at the end of first year, the tenderness promise to make tenderness as heart and project of own personal/couple’s life;
  • at the end of second year, the tenderness pact as sign of covenant with God-Tenderness and acceptance of tenderness as lifestyle;
  • at the end of third year, the promise of tenderness vow as act of consecration to Divine Tenderness and the choice of tenderness spirituality as joy of being, joy to love and to worship.




The youngest groups:

Group of  Teramo
Group of Savigliano (TO)
Group of  Casarano (Lecce)
Group of Trani (Barletta – Andria)
Group of Bisceglie (Barletta – Andria)
Group of Canicattì
Group of Ancona
Group of  Terni
Group of  S. Feliciano (Perugia)
Group of  Giugliano in Campania (Na)
Group of  Pescara, Parrocchia Santo Stefano
Group of  Senigallia
Group of  Pistoia
Group of  San Martino in Campo (PG)
Group of  Salsomaggiore
Group of  Group of di Terni

The earliest groups:

3 Groups of Prato
Group of  Padova
Group of Chiugiana (PG)
2 Groups of Civitella del Tronto (TE)
2  Groups of Tavernelle (PG)
Group of  Napoli
Group of Vietri di Potenza
Group of Caltanissetta
Group of  Pisa

For information about the Local Groups of Tenderness Spirituality please call:
Francesco and Mariella: Phone 075-6979240  Mob. 340-6104094