The tenderness spirituality is to be intended as life plan, wonder of being, to love and to worship, as heart and full realization of the nuptial sacrament.

The tenderness, in the strongest sense, as spouses’ ability to live positive relationships based on both sympathy and empathy, by accepting each other and devoting the life to one’s spouse, sharing one’s path through falling in love again, every day like the first time”.

We are “Home of tenderness ” to become “School of tenderness”: this is the specific charisma and the life project of the community, both for  those who constitute the stable community and for those whom we meet during their way life.

As “school of tenderness”, we commit to convey God-Trinity’s tenderness as anima mundi like soul of an authentic love culture and life civilization, through the promotion of  the tenderness culture as solidarity, cordiality (cor-cordis, heart) and conviviality, in order to work concretely for the embodying of the “Gospel of Love” and to teach loving everybody and everything with the same heart of Christ.

In the Download section you can find ” Live Book of the stable Community of the family Center Casa della Tenerezza” / Libro di Vita della Comunità stabile del Centro familiare Casa della Tenerezza.