The Cdt is aware that “the human person and society’s good is closely related to the good of the  family”(GS 48; FC 3;86), and that the Church itself is a ” family of families”. The CdT is devoted to create a center of nuptial spirituality, family pastoral care and Christian reflection, by activating opportune initiatives through an humble ecclesial service as disinterested as possible.


Deaconship of welcoming and accompaniment

CdT wants to give a specific field of pastoral care service concerning the accompaniment of couples and families, in particular of those in need or spouses in an irregular union, separated and remarried, single parents and their children.


Deaconship of  education

The second form of service is addressed to education:

  • education of educators, pastoral operators and theology students, through a proposal of residential courses, retreats and/or study days, sharing of experiences, studies and publications
  • education of youth, engaged and married couples and parents, by creating education itineraries and specific meetings
  • education of children and teenagers through the promotion of spiritual itineraries which allow them to live a concrete experience of God’s love and of a live encounter with Jesus, Lord, Master and Friend


Deaconship of communion

Lastly, the CdT wants to be a place of meeting, spiritual reference and  sharing among all those couples and families who wish to do so, also with other states of life, like the consecrated persons.


Deaconship of theological research

It is being realized through meetings and/or study seminars about matrimony and family theology and the publication of the most important news, both scientific and didactic ones.