Every year the community of the Family Center Casa della Tenerezza renews the Vow of Tenderness expressing its belonging to the Center and the responsibility to live the Gospel according to the charisma of tenderness in the service of the family pastoral care. After earlier 5 years, the Vow becomes permanent. 9 couples of the Center have currently  taken their permanent Vow.

In 2015, the vow has been taken during the summer holiday retreat in Francavilla (province of Pescara-Italy). The 7 founding couples of the Center, together with don Carlo, have promised for the thirteenth time.

The song “Dio d’Infinita Tenerezza” (“God of Infinite Tenderness”), included in the homonymous CD,  is the musical adaptation of the prayer, made all together for this occasion.

The belonging to the community is sealed with the “Vow of Tenderness” which is a consecration to God of Infinite  Tenderness, for being tenderness in our married life, to befriend with other couples and in the service of the Church and of the world.

Tenderness is saying yes with our life, feeling loved and loving. The beauty of being, to love, to worship. ” The Vow of Tenderness”  is act of consecration to the Divine Tenderness and means choosing the tenderness as life plan.

Vow of Tenderness 2015, Francavilla (Pescara).
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