We are a community of life, with our “Book of Life”, where guidelines of our charisma and spirituality are illustrated. There are two weekly meetings,one devoted to the study and the other to the prayer, a monthly retreat and several spiritual experiences of common living for days during the year.

The perspective of the CdT’s mission is based on the pursuit of holiness in response to the baptismal calling, and as ” high destination” of a Christian spirituality at which the Church – each member – aims, according to that “duc in altum”, that “put out into deep water ” suggested by John Paul II in the encyclical “Novo Millennio Ineunte” as primary purpose of the ecclesial community in the third millennium.


The way of contemplation

In order to respond to this calling, CdT pursues  a significant contemplative spirituality,

  • by nurturing with love the invocation of the Name of Jesus, source of permanent and deep bliss of heart
  • achieving a  wisdom of the heart allowing us to go further the immediate judgment of persons and events, by interpreting them with the eyes of  an evangelical  charity, and not merely with the eyes of our mind.


The practice of the “Lectio Divina”

Ancient authors referred to this method talking about  “ruminatio Verbi”, a sort of continuous “ruminating” of the God’s Word so as to resound it deeply across our hearths, with a spirit of transforming oration.


The celebration of the divine liturgy

Nowadays the liturgy is both celebration of the salvation story inner the Church and memory of its heart that is the Christ’s Easter mystery, whereas the Holy Spirit is the pedagogue of God’s people and the Creator of those “Salvation marvels”, namely  the Sacraments of faith.


The Vergin of Tenderness

CdT nurtures a special tender love for the Mother of Jesus, prayed as Virgin of Tenderness.


Labor spirituality

Work commitments in and out of the CdT are viewed with a spirit of permanent spirituality, in harmony with community’s prayer life and through invocation of the Name of Jesus. We try to interpret this mood as a cooperation to God the Creator’s plan, to the event of His Salvation ,and as an example of community’s responsibility to the coming of the Kingdom. Each member of the CdT undertakes to embody a real unity of life through worshiping contemplation,  religious listening and loving action, according to the benedictine hour precept, lege et labora, by staring at Holy Family’s icon.


Towards a fullness of love

The Hymn of Charity (1Cor 13,1-13) clearly teaches that each life choice, charisma or calling, is worth because represents a way towards the whole of love and its realization. The CdT desires to become a life proposal which helps all its members to free their heart from everything that doesn’t allow them to live the revealed Father’s love in Jesus, so as to become merciful in the heart of the Church, through the effusion of the Holy Spirit (Rm 5,5).