CdT organizes an itinerary for engaged couples in order to live the engagement time as time of grace, useful to know oneself through the other and to prepare for  the family’s tenderness plan.

This itinerary aims to help young who prepare for the nuptial sacrament and its efficient realization, through meetings based on:

  • the figure of Jesus and the couple life,in relation to the evangelic message
  • body self-consciousness and emotional maturity
  • love as tenderness and sexuality as ability of giving and receivingthe relationship and the difference (male and female) for the celebration of nuptial sacrament
  • prayer and reappearance of faith



18 October 2015
“ The dream of every couple: being happy.”
“ Getting married in a church, why?”

29 November
“ The tenderness: way for the nuptial happiness”
“ The marriage: calling towards tenderness.”

20 December
“ God’s plan on the couple.”
”Hurts of the original sin and couple’s vulnerability.”

31 January 2016
“The sacrament of nuptials.”
“The grace of nuptial sacrament”

28 February
“Sexuality: calling for a nutpial tendernss”
“The everything and forever of nuptials ”

20 March
“ The good things of being man and being woman”
“ Conflicts management”

 25 April
“The idols that kill the family”
“Prayer as grace of growth”

29 May
“To be family today.”
“A shared life’s plan”





Meetings will take place on Sunday from 9.15 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. (packed lunch)

During the day the Holy Mass will be celebrated.

The course is considered valid  by the Diocese for the preparation to matrimony. The final certificate will be issued just  after the attendance to all gatherings.


For further information

Roberta and Luca 349 4681659

or writing as subject :engaged pairs/fidanzati