For the spouses the celebration day of their marriage is the start of a path which will last for a lifetime bringing them to become more and more aware of their vocation. Tenderness school for young couples is born in 2006 to support young just married couples who have been called to create their family through facing new changes and needs. During these years, over 300  newlywed and unmarried partners, older couples, those who had  just overcome a marriage crisis have attended the School. Everyone came to analyze and reinforce their conjugal past and path. The complete course is being developed within two years and aims to deal with all those  weak points preventing the birth and the good development of the couple’s “you and I”, or better: WE.

Meetings are connected each other and independently organized, in order to allow couples living in other regions to recover probable absences. It would be better to attend two years in sequence but it’s always possible the recovery.

Husbands and wives can learn to know their weaknesses and limitations gearing towards a full conjugal emotional maturity, through a constant comparison with the God’s Word and its reflections. They drove on the most recent studies about family theology and relationship,  especially by learning a deep sharing style finding out the God’s Tenderness.

Many spouses have the possibility to fully and authentically flourish their relationship, coherently with their vocation: they become a gift each other, for the family and  for the world because they desire to realize the nuptial union to which they are called: “and they will become one flesh.”(Genesis 2, 24).


First year (2015-2016)

10 October 2015:  Spouses walking together to fully become spouses: the art of tenderness and God’s Tendernes

7 November 2015:  The desire of a beautiful life by realizing it: freedom and responsibility

5 December 2015: Love complicity and friendship between spouses

9 January  2016: When the difference becomes encounter: being woman and being man as reciprocity

6 February 2016: Praise of a good lovers quarrel

5 March 2016:  “Me and them”: families of origin. Part I

16 April 2016: “Us and them”: families of origin . Part II
14 May 2016: Body and words: the concrete Gospel of tenderness


Second year (2016-17)

Conjugal faithfulness, parenthood, time management, working and economic resources, suffering experience, sacraments and prayer,  irony in life couple,spouses’ mission

All meetings will take place by at Family Center Casa della Tenerezza, on Saturday from 4 p.m. to around 7 p.m.

Wednesday prayer will begin at 6.30 p.m and will end at 7.45 p.m.

About the last meeting we will give further information

Each meeting will take place at Family Center Casa della Tenerezza, except different indication. If you need the babysitting service, please call within the Thursday before meeting.


For information:

Roberto and Flavia 3404683927, Giovanni and Silvia 3479681927